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Experimental System to Test Larval Flounder Live Feed Enrichments

Master’s student, Grayson Clark, and Research Associate Brian Ray spent 2 days in Corpus Christi this week, at the TPWD CCA Marine Development Center, setting up an experimental system to test larval flounder live feed enrichments as part of the SRAC grant the Aquacultural Research and Teaching Facility was awarded last fall. See the original story here. They plan for the system to be stocked with new hatched larval flounder from TPWD Sea Center Texas on January 21. Dr. Ivonne Blandon is working with ARTF personnel to run… Read More →

Southern Flounder Clones: A Potential Remedy for a Species in Decline

   Southern flounder are “floundering” as wild population densities decline. One of the big three sportfish in Texas, along with redfish and spotted seatrout, southern flounder are a sought after gamefish of commercial and recreational importance. Due to overharvest, accidental bycatch, water temperature rise and other factors, the flounder numbers are declining in Texas waterways.  Along with Texas Parks and Wildlife, Texas A&M University’s Department of Wildlife and Fisheries’ Dr. Todd Sink and graduate research assistant Elizabeth Silvy have developed a methodology that may aid stock enhancement programs… Read More →

USDA Southern Regional Aquaculture Center Grant to evaluate probiotics in finfish hatcheries

Lead scientists, Dr. Delbert Gatlin from TAMU and Dr. Mike Frinsko from North Carolina State, along with cooperators from Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, University of Alabama at Birmingham, NCSU Raleigh and Texas Agrilife Extension (Dr. Todd Sink), have recently been awarded a grant from the USDA Southern Regional Aquaculture Center to evaluate probiotics in finfish hatcheries to improve larval production. Trials to determine the effectiveness of various probiotics and prebiotics in larval production will be performed with southern flounder, red drum, and striped bass. The portion of… Read More →

CCA Texas Advocacy Director and Assistant Director visited the ARTF

CCA Texas Advocacy Director Shane Bonnot and CCA Texas Assistant Director Drew Adams visited the ARTF on Wednesday, November 14.  ARTF faculty and staff had the opportunity to visit with CCA Texas representatives and share the latest in TAMU research in fisheries and aquaculture.  Much common ground was found in the missions of the two agencies and a good time was had by all.  You can hear more of the conversation on CCA’s podcast here: https://ccatexas.org/coastal-advocacy-adventures-podcast-episode-31-texas-am-aquaculture-research-and-teaching-facility/   Dr. Todd Sink introduces CCA Texas Advocacy Director Shane Bonnot and… Read More →