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The aquaculture and pond manager quick reference guide is an inclusive set of tables and conversion factors for aquaculture professionals. Conversion factors range from the weight of chemical units that must be added to water to achieve particular concentrations to temperature conversion to volumetric water conversion factors to metric-English conversion for chemicals. This guide is packed full of useful information including pond filling time, pumping rate equivalents, discharge rates from standpipes, net mesh sizes for grading fish, length/weight relationships for fish, oxygen saturation points, pounds of fish that can be hauled at temperature, egg development stages, stocking guides, fertilization rates, and much more. Texas A&M AgriLfe Extension’s AquaRef is credited in large part to Larry Dorman with the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, as he developed many of these materials for the quintessential Aquaculture Producer’s Quick Reference Handbook. Tables were reproduced with permission.


Comprehensive tool for recreational pond users as well as aquaculture producers. One of the most common problems in pond management is over-estimation of pond size. This tool allows the user to quickly and easily calculate the surface area of any shaped pond and then calculate the number of acre feet, all without having to do any math. These calculations allow the user to determine accurate pond area and volume for the application of chemical treatments and herbicides.


The Aquatic herbicide selection, effectiveness, and restriction guide is a tool for recreational pond managers as well as aquaculture professionals. This comprehensive visual guide helps you select the most effective herbicides for all aquatic vegetation classes, including the most common North American algae and floating, submerged, and emergent aquatic vegetation. Only herbicides that provide good or excellent control are provided for each species. AquaCide provides the environmental restrictions of all aquatically labeled herbicides, such as restrictions for human use (drinking, swimming, and fish consumption), livestock watering, irrigation (turf and crops), and other general comments pertaining to restrictions and differences in formulation.


The un-ionized ammonia calculator is an invaluable resource for on the go aquaculture producers and managers as well as home aquarium hobbyists. Ammonia is the major end product in the breakdown of proteins in fish. Total ammonia nitrogen (TAN) is composed of toxic (un-ionized) ammonia (NH3) and nontoxic (ionized) ammonia (NH+ 4). Over time the buildup of ammonia within the fish system, combined changes in pH and temperature causes fluctuations in the concentration of toxic un-ionized ammonia. AmmoniaCalc allows the user to input simple, easily measured water chemistry measurements such as pH and temperature to instantly calculate the un-ionized ammonia concentration.

texas-farm-pond-management-calendar-appTexas Farm Pond Management Calendar

The Texas Farm Pond Management Calendar is a virtual pocket guide/calendar to keep private pond managers up to date with the activities needed during each month of the year in order to manage their pond for the best fishing possible. The calendar may be accessed anytime, anywhere to determine the appropriate time to do activities such as stocking, liming, fertilizing, harvesting, weed control, draw down, feeding, and renovation if necessary. It also makes managers and anglers aware of how much they should harvest and the time of year that different species are spawning.

Feral hog iconFeral Hog Management

Feral Hog Management lets you quickly and easily access information on feral hog management techniques. Learn how to effectively bait, trap, shoot, snare and use dogs to reduce feral hog populations in your area. An abundance of detailed photographs and drawings make management techniques clear. This app draws on science-based information, years of experience and observation, and places it all in the palm of your hands to effectively capture feral hogs.

grazingcalc iconStocking Rate Calculator for Grazing Livestock

One of the most common problems livestock managers deal with is having too many animals on the land.  Being overstocked beyond what the land can handle may lead to overgrazing, resulting in issues such as decreased forage production, erosion problems, and degraded wildlife habitat.  GrazingCalc allows the user to quickly and easily calculate a correct stocking rate for your property based on the measured forage production.  GrazingCalc can apply to cattle, horses, sheep, and goats.  The tool also allows you to manipulate the number of animals and grazing months based on estimated available forage.

bobwhitecalNorthern Bobwhite Management Calendar 

Northern bobwhite populations have been declining for decades due to a combination of factors, the most important being the loss of useable habitat.  Active land management benefiting quail could reverse the decline.  The Northern Bobwhite Management Calendar provides the user with instructions on habitat management practices and population census by giving monthly recommendations. These focus on enhancing habitat and understanding quail populations and predator management.

quailhabitatNorthern Bobwhite Habitat Evaluation

Habitat loss is a major factor in northern bobwhite declines over the last few decades. Although the plant species included are specific to central and west Texas, The Northern Bobwhite Habitat Evaluation app offers valuable habitat evaluation techniques for other regions as well. This tool allows the user to quickly and easily assess the habitat condition on the user’s property by posing a series of questions to be answered while in the field.  The app calculates a habitat quality score based on the user’s input and provides recommendations for improving habitat beneficial for northern bobwhite.

deerappWhite-tailed Deer Management Calendar

The White-tailed Deer Management Calendar is intended to help landowners, hunters, and wildlife managers understand what, when, and how to implement practices that benefit deer herds. Find recommended management techniques by category or month. Each technique is described in detail and includes links to helpful publications, photographs, and videos. Although created using scientific research results from Texas, these techniques have overlap with other states. This easy-to-use app will help users create and implement a plan to monitor and manage white-tailed deer populations to achieve management goals.

endangeredThreatened and Endangered Reptiles and Amphibians of Texas

This app covers identification, life history, distribution and conservation of Threatened and Endangered Reptiles and Amphibians of Texas. Included are color photos for identification and species distribution maps.