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Summertime pond management requires planning and caution

Writer: Adam Russell, 903-834-6191, adam.russell@ag.tamu.edu Contact: Dr. Billy Higginbotham, 903-834-6191, b-higginbotham@tamu.edu OVERTON – Phone calls about out-of-control aquatic vegetation are a common midsummer occurrence, said Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service wildlife and fisheries specialist Dr. Billy Higginbotham. However, he said, pond owners should proceed with caution when treating aquatic weeds in ponds where fish are important resources. Higginbotham said thinning or eradicating aquatic vegetation can improve the overall environment for the pond and increase the pond’s utility for recreation, livestock watering and/or irrigation. However, in larger ponds managed… Read More →

Stocked fish ponds more susceptible to oxygen depletion during summer months

June 18, 2016 Writer: Adam Russell, 903-834-6191, adam.russell@ag.tamu.edu Contact: Billy Higginbotham, 903-834-6191, billy.higginbotham@ag.tamu.edu OVERTON – A Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service expert said landowners should watch for oxygen depletion in stock ponds as we enter the dog days of summer. Dr. Billy Higginbotham, AgriLife Extension Service wildlife specialist in Overton, said landowners with stocked fish ponds should be aware of possible problems with oxygen depletion as hot, still days become more prevalent. The summer months, between June and September, when the outside air is increasingly hot and pond… Read More →