Module: City Critters: Learning About Wildlife In An Urban Environment


A multi-media module consisting of a display (see photo), CD-Rom, lesson plans, videos and testing materials to teach urban youth about wildlife conservation and management using urban examples.


Fifth graders


  1. Demonstrate the overall role of wildlife conservation and importance of natural resources management
  2. Increase awareness of urban wildlife species and appropriate management strategies
  3. Provide teaching resources that meet Texas essential knowledge and skills (TEKS)
  4. Enhance computer literacy


As a 4-H school enrichment program, this module will be coordinated with school campuses by County Extension Agents






  • International Paper Foundation
  • Renewable Resources Extension Act – CSREES
  • Smith County Soil and Water Conservation District
  • United States Fish and Wildlife Service


City Critters is the fourth in a series of wildlife and fisheries school enrichment modules supported by funding by the sponsors listed above. These modules include “The White-tailed Deer” that debuted in 1992 and has reached over 12,000 third graders increasing their knowledge by 65%, “Wildlife Success Stories and Endangered Species” debuted in 1993 and has reached over 30,000 third graders increasing their knowledge by 35% and “Something’s Fishy” debuted in 1996 reaching over 22,000 fourth graders increasing their knowledge by 44%.

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