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The Texas Quail Index (TQI) is a series of hands on demonstrations designed to educate land managers, hunters, and other about population dynamics, habitat requirements, and other factors affecting bobwhite and scaled quail in Texas. At the county level, TQI fosters landowner and community involvement and provides tools for interested stakeholders to assess the “quail-equation” in their community. Statewide, the TQI provides an important opportunity to use citizen-science to help monitor the abundance of quail and bring attention to their importance, plight, and needs. This page is designed to be a resource for use by cooperators and other people involved in the program. All the components of the TQI notebook are linked here. In the future, data collected will be posted on this site.

To date there are 41 counties and 7 Wildlife Management Areas involved in the project. The goal is to keep these 48 sites and perhaps expand into other areas. If you are not currently enrolled in this program, and would like to know how you can help email Dale Rollins (d-rollins@tamu.edu) or Becky Ruzicka (becky.ruzicka@tamu.edu).

CEAs and cooperators are encouraged to join the Texas Quail Index Group

TQI Overview


TQI Helpful Smartphone Applications



Call Count Diagram

Camera Trapping

Cooperator Profile

Dummy Nest

Fall Call Count Summary

Habitat Evaluation – Bobwhite

Habitat Evaluation – Scaled

Habitat Evaluation Plant List


Roadside Count

Transect Setup