Hunter Education Initiative

Objective: The 2011 National Hunting, Fishing and Wildlife-Associated Recreation Survey estimated that there are over 1 million hunters in Texas. Currently there are 2,745 Texas Hunter Education instructors that provide training to produce safe, knowledgeable, and responsible hunters.

The primary goal of this initiative is to reach and train hunters with three phases of instruction: basic, instructor, and advanced. This allows trained instructors to: observe positive changes in knowledge, skills, and attitudes (learning); reinforce previously learned principles; and build a network that promotes a positive, lifetime learning process. The program strives to deliver high quality education and outreach through its volunteers to the over 1 million new and seasoned hunters in Texas.

The Hunter Education Initiative benefits from the synergy between the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service’s Wildlife and Fisheries Department, Texas 4-H and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Hunter Education programs. For more information contact Denise Harmel-Garza at 979-845-4865 or

Hunter Education Initiative Resources

4-H School Enrichment Module:

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